Manifest Candle Travel Set

Manifest Candle Travel Set

The Sphinx & The Priestess
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Get a taste of each of The Sphinx & The Priestess scents, or bring the magic on a plane with you! Each 4pc set comes with a 2oz candle of Pentacles, The Star, The Lovers, and Death.

Imbued with the power of the Tarot’s enduring archetypes and symbols, these candles are more than just a typical ritual flame. Every candle is poured on new and full moons - each with a charged quartz crystal and personal handwritten mantra to aid in the manifestation of your desires. 

  • Pentacles: Prosperity, proper navigation of earth plane, grounding, material success, earth-bound intuition, connection to nature and natural cycles.
    • Scent: Lush herbals, blonde wood, night-blooming florals
  • The Star: Meditation, self-reflection, spiritual inspiration, consciousness, peace, healing spiritual or otherwise, connection to transcendental time.
    • Scent: Light florals with blonde wood base notes.
  • The Lovers: Reconciling of opposites, attraction and love, balance, discernment, inspired synthesis.
    • Scent: Flowering shrubs, bitter citrus and dark wood base notes
  • Death: Transformation, transmutation, ushering a new cycle, the truest appreciation of life through the lens of death, the obliteration of old habits, patterns, and self-imposed blocks.
    • Scent: Earthy, smoky amber, bitter citrus, thorny rose

Handcrafted in a Brooklyn coven by The Sphinx and The Priestess.

100% natural soy wax in a glass vessel, with 30-60 hours of burn time

Dimensions: 12 oz, 3" x 4"