Single Note Roller
Single Note Roller
Single Note Roller
Single Note Roller
Single Note Roller
Single Note Roller
Single Note Roller

Single Note Roller

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Solid black glass roller for maximum preservation and easy travel. This high-grade oil fragrance focuses on a singular plant. Apply liberally to desired points of the body to connect with the plant and its therapeutic properties. 

  • Lavender: Floral, Sweet, Herbaceous, Slightly Spicy.
    • Roll on to bumps, bites, and bruises to reduce swelling and support healing. For sleep, apply oil to soles of feet at bedtime.
    • Calming, Restoring, Balancing.
  • Palo Santo: Warm, Fine Citrus with Resinous Wood Notes.
    • Roll onto palms of hand and breathe in for a contemplative moment.
    • Soothing, Grounding, Profound.
  • Vetiver: Earthy, Deep, Warm, Woody.
    • Roll on pulse points and soles of feet for grounding/ calming support.
    • Grounding, Calming, Centering.
  • Clary Sage: Complex, Sweet, Earthy, Floral.
    • Roll below belly during feminine moon time to support natural flow & balance hormones.
    • Harmonizing, Euphoric.
  • Eucalyptus Radiata: Balsamic, Strong, Camphor Like, Fresh.
    • Roll on pulse points to elevate and enliven mood. To alleviate sinus congestion, roll on chest.
    • Clearing, Cooling, Stimulating.
  • Frankincense Rivae: Fresh, Woodsy, Terpenic, Balsamic, Warm.
    • Roll on bruises and bumps for first-aid to support healing and inflammation.
    • Immune Enhancer, Powerful, Contemplative.

Made in Northern Colorado by Rootfoot

Made with high-grade organic essential oil & organic Jojoba oil

Size: 10ml

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.